Summertime, and we’re taking it easy!

Megan Narvey

Summer has arrived, and with it the MSc Year 1 students have left the lab behind in search of summer relaxation and/or internships. While the final deadlines for completing all of our treatments and documentation had us a bit tense at the end of the year, we managed to finish (most of) our projects and help to clean and prepare the lab for next year’s batch of students. We even took the time to capture our lab demon so that it would not bother next year’s students.


Jar containing the lab demon, Zuul, so it cannot cause any more mischief!

Now that we have finished the first year of the MSc, some of us are taking much needed vacations over the summer to recuperate for next fall when we emerge as MSc Year 2s at internships across the UK. Many of us have summer internships, which can be found spread across 5 countries on 3 continents.

Here are some of the places you can find us this summer:

  • Working on photographs and lantern slides at ICCROM in Rome
  • Sacred silver collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Glass, ceramics, and public sculpture conservation at Rosa Lowinger & Associates in Los Angeles
  • Fluid specimen conservation at the UCL Pathology Collection
  • Object conservation at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver
  • Mount Vernon historic house in Virginia, USA
  • And of course, archaeological field conservation at Olduvai Gorge!

As we are now on vacation, blog posts will be updated less frequently over the next couple of months. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up!

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