Students MSc Year 1

stefaniStefani Cavazos

Interests: Stone, anything archaeological and organics. I want to primarily focus on working with objects but I also like working with the community and teaching them about conservation. I’m also interested in working with museum professionals and teaching them about the importance of conservation.

Favourite tool: So far my favourite tool is a scalpel #15 blade because it’s so versatile!
Favourite museum: The Natural History Museum, I love the                                                               dinosaur exhibit! And their special exhibitions are great too.


Laura Chaillie

Interests: Organics and modern polymers, digital technologies, collaborative processes






Kathryn [Katie] Cook Blog editor

Interests: Everything archaeological, particularly metals and other inorganics. Conservation Outreach.

Favourite museum: British Museum





Gabrielle Crowther

Interests: I am interested in the conservation of decorative surfaces and fine art objects of all materials.
Favourite tool: scalpel



Elizabeth Ireland

Interests: Conservation decision-making, modern materials.
Favourite artist: Mark Wallinger


Samantha Jovanovic

Interests: I have a range of interests including ancient Vikings and Celts, monumental architecture, and clothing. Right now I am focusing on modern machinery, scientific equipment, and technology.
Outside the lab: Playing music and watching Star Trek. Jean-Luc Picard is my captain.



Amreet Kular

I’m interested in conserving all types of objects

Hobbies: Horseback riding, playing guitar




Clare Lim Blog editor

Interests: I like glass, but I’m generally interested in the conservation of all types of objects

Outside the lab: I like stories =)






Monica Martinez

Interests: Inorganics

Outside the lab: Drawing objects (by hand or digitally)







Adriana Paez

Interests: Collections management and paper.
Favourite material: Mylar (Melinex, Polyethylene terephthalate), because it is so versatile!


Netanya Schiff

Interests: Composite objects, ceramics, decorative surfaces: mosaic, stucco, fresco, sculpture and ethnography. Synthesis of traditional and new techniques in Conservation. Issues of aesthetics as they relate to conservation. Conservation/restoration history. Community engagement.

Favourite tools: Scalpel, restorer’s brush, dino light!

Melody Wentz
Interests: Conservation of glass and ceramics as well as public engagement
Favourite museum: Victoria and Albert Museum

Students MSc Year 2

CyrilsmallCyril Maucourant

I am interested in the conservation of historical building materials (stone, brick, plaster…)

Hobbies outside the lab: Practicing sport and doing conservation volunteer trainings in Scotland.

Caroline Miller

Interested in East Asian art and maritime archaeology

Favourite museum: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lucie AltenburgLucie

Interests: Organics, human remains and archaeological conservation.

Favourite museum: Ägyptisches museum aus Berlin


Pingfang Wang

I am interested in Conservation science

Hobbies outside the lab: Hiking and cooking


Anjali Jain

I would say that right now I’m interested in metal and stone and I’m also interested in the display end exhibition in museums

Favourite museum: Victoria and Albert Museum

Hisilicon K3

Alicia de la SernaBlog editor

My main interests are paintings, organics and polychrome objects. But, who knows?!

Favourite tool: cotton swab, simple and efficient.

MSc Graduates 2016

Madeline HagermanMadeline Hagerman

I’m interested in the conservation of social and natural history objects.

Favourite lab tool: silicone brushes

Megan Narvey

Megan Narvey 

I’m interested in conservation of all objects, but especially organics!

Hobbies outside the lab: knitting and playing piano

Abigail DuckorIMG-20150107-WA0007

In an effort not to miss out on anything, I am interested in everything!

Lab nickname: Big Abby

1013637_10153382796147334_8440828259812580023_n Letitia Steer

Interests: Metals

Hobbies outside the lab: Fencing (Domestic and Internationally)


Julie Flynn

Interests: Archaeological objects- not sure of material type

Fun Fact: I have collected fun shot glasses since I was 13.

SONY DSC Sarah Giffin

I’m interested in ceramics and maybe mixed organics (who knows!), conservation awareness and community engagement.

Favourite lab tool:  Paper poultice

Young's picture Dae-Young Yoo

Interested in organic materials and the application of code of ethics of conservation to conservation practice.

Hobbies outside the lab: playing basketball and watching football matches

Portrait of moi Emma Prideaux

Interests: Metal Conservation, Archaeological Conservation

Hobbies Outside the Lab: Drawing

IMG_1543 Anna Funke

Interests: Archaeological Material and a bit of Natural History

Favourite Lab Tool: Scalpel. Size 15. It does everything.

Jan Cutajar Jan Cutajar Blog editor

Interests: Composite organics, sustainable conservation practice, murals  and stained glass

Favourite museum: National Gallery

Emily Williams Emily Williams

Interests: Organic Materials such as wood, plant fibres,  paper and textiles.

Favourite lab tool: 15 scalpel


Robert Price

Interests: Decorative surfaces and composite objects. Wood, metal, hard tissues, and stone

Favourite lab tool: Parafilm

Vanessa Applebaum Vanessa Applebaum

I’m interested in the conservation of organic materials, particularly wood, as  well as plaster and composite objects with polychrome surfaces.

Favourite museum: Victoria and Albert Museum

Kristen GilletteKristen Gillette

Interests: Everything! Wet stuff. Composites. Metals. Organics. Maritime archaeology.

Favourite lab tool: My bamboo skewers, calipers, Tiranti spatula, and my new silicon tipped brushes.


MSc graduates 2015

Veronica Ford Veronica Ford

She is currently Assistant Conservator for the Kyrenia Ship Project (Cyprus)

My primary interest is in archaeological object conservation. However,  I’m also interested in the conservation of decorative arts and social  history objects.

Hobbies outside the lab: costume making, historical re-enactment,  computer gaming!

Cuong Nguyen Cuong Nguyen

He is currently Conservator for the transportation, industrial, and technological artifacts at the Henry Ford Museum

Interests: Contemporary materials:  plastics, alloys, painted surfaces; Objects  of historical technology; Decorative Arts

Favourite lab tool: tongue depressor

Liz Pierce

Liz Peirce

She is the Samuel H. Kress Fellow in Conservation at the Winterthur Museum, focusing on the conservation of Chinese export lacquer and preventive conservation.

Interest in: Furniture/Organics /Gilding Conservation

Favourite lab tool: micro scalpel. So tiny, so sharp, so useful. (It’s a real  toss up between that and the metal micro spatula)

Other Lab Chat Contributors

Claire D'Izarny-Gargas

Claire D’Izarny-Gargas, UCL Qatar

Interest: Painting, site conservation and archaeological  materials.

Favorite “museum”: Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt.

Dean SullyDean Sully, Lecturer in Conservation ★ Blog editor

Research interests: Peoples Based Conservation

Favourite museum: Chepstow Museum  (first place I worked!)

Agnese BenzonelliAgnese Benzonelli

PhD Candidate in Archaeometallurgy/Technician in archaeomaterials preparation and analysis

Interests: Artificially patinated copper alloys

Favorite “tool”: SEM!

Carmen VidaCarmen Vida,  Decorative Arts/Objects conservator at Knole House Conservation Studio

Interests: Organic materials and composite objects, both archaeological and ethnographic. Multilayered and decorated surfaces especially polychrome wood. Communicating Conservation.

Favourite lab tool:  Small steel spatula


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