Kate Berlewen [Editor]

Kate trained as a fine artist specialising in mixed media sculpture and later oil painting. She subsequently worked as a freelance artist and theatre set designer before moving into art and music therapy. Kate completed the MA Principles of Conservation at the IoA in 2018-19 and her research interests include disaster conservation, conservation of objects from the Medieval period, and heritage engagement and outreach. Kate is a passionate advocate of inclusive and accessible education and heritage. 

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Jo Dickinson

Before coming to the MSc at UCL, Jo worked at the National Army museum and the V&A, where she has been a museum technician for 3 years. This led to her interest in conservation, particularly of ethnographic and arms and armor collections. She is hoping to pursue research in complex composite objects and the interaction between different material types. 

Claire Embree-Lalonde

Claire comes to the MSc with a background in art history, after having completed an MA in the History of Art at the Courtauld Institute, with a focus on medieval art and architecture. On the MA Principles of Conservation, she developed material interests in the conservation of stone and glass, and is now eager to learn about metals, plaster, and high-fired ceramics over the course of the MSc. More broadly, Claire aims to combine her academic background with the practical training of the MSc, in order to filter conservation through the lens of art history, and art history through the lens of conservation.


Lily Griffin

Building on her background in Classical archaeology, Lily is interested in pursuing a career in the conservation of archaeological collections with a focus on ceramic and stone objects. In addition to her studies at UCL she is interested in pursuing fieldwork to expand on her previous experience in both the UK and abroad. 


Reed Hudson

Reed is coming to the conservation field from a background in African Studies and a career in jewelry. She is interested in stone, glass and metal conservation and is currently researching the use of digital documentation in heritage management.

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Ben Knox

Hailing from New Zealand, Ben has a background in Pacific and East Asian Archaeology and completed a BA (Hons) in Anthropology at the University of Otago. Studying the Principles of Conservation at UCL he explored approaches to the conservation of historically conserved/restored sculpture. Ben has an interest in composite objects, especially books and records on paper and parchment. 

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Bill Mastandrea

Bill Mastandrea’s educational background lies in the archaeology of the Near East and Mediterranean, specializing in the Bronze Age Aegean. However, his recent conservation research concerns the ethical conservation treatment of Buddhist sacred objects. These types of objects – those which are sacred, ‘living’, or emotionally-charged, and the living communities to whom they connect – interest Bill the most. It is the fostering of these connections between people through objects that motivate Bill’s conservation career aspirations.


Hadas Misgav

Hadas was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and came to the UK a month ago to pursue her hopes and dreams of becoming an archaeological conservator. Before coming to the UK she was working at the conservation lab at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She got her BA in Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and her MA in Egyptology at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hadas works hard so her cat, Claire Epstein, can have a better life. Follow @claire.epstein on instagram! 


Olivia O’Dwyer

Olivia has a background in classics and Mediterranean archaeology. Her research interests include archaeological ceramics, wall paintings, and in-situ archaeological conservation treatments. She is interested in the de-colonisation of conservation, and the focus of her MA Principles of Conservation dissertation was the invisible labour of indigenous conservators working on Egyptian excavations at the end of the 19th century. 

Olivia O'Dwyer

Kimberly Selvaggi

Kim is from San Diego, California. Prior to beginning the MSc, she completed her BFA in Art History at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, then came to UCL to pursue the MA program in Principles of Conservation. Kim is aspiring to break into the field of paintings conservation, as she has been an oil painter since a very early age. Her artworks are typically reproductions of master paintings, and she places significant importance towards researching techniques and materials the original artist used in an attempt to understand and replicate the artist’s process.

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Chiara Raponi

Chiara attained a Bachelor’s degree in Technologies for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage in Italy (Tuscia University) and a second-level degree in History of Art and Preservation of Cultural Heritage at the same university. Before moving to London, she took part in conservation projects in Rome and Ethiopia. Her main interests in conservation are works of art on paper, modern and contemporary art, archival collections. She is interested in public engagement and community outreach through art and cultural heritage. 

Talia Weiss

Talia moved to London in 2018 from Washington, DC. Prior to beginning her MSc journey, Talia completed her MA at UCL in Managing Archaeological Sites, with a focus in historic buildings. Talia began her conservation and anthropological journey during her undergraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University, when she excavated as a field technician as well as stone conservation in Akko, Israel on an Early Bronze Age site run by both the Pennsylvania State University and the Israel Antiquities Authority. She conducted research and helped curate exhibits in three museums in Perugia, Italy. She also conducted research, wrote and was published on her research of Maori tattoo culture and history in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, in the South Pacific. As shown in the photo, Talia worked as a conservation technician and project manager for Conservation Solutions, Inc, a branch of Evergreene Architectural Arts; an art, artefact and architectural conservation company based in Washington, DC. Talia’s specialty is in marble and bronze conservation, but she is looking forward to branching out to new materials. Outside of the lab, Talia is a member of UCL’s Dance Competition team for contemporary dance.


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